Office buildings

Gain control over the complete operation of your office buildings and save on costs. With smart technologies for process automation, security or occupancy tracking, you can reduce operating costs and increase the attractiveness and comfort of your building for existing and potential tenants.

30 %

typical annual cost savings

15 000 m²

covered by our technology

30 +

years of experience in the market

you can rely on

Automatic reception

Automatic reception

The electronic receptionist (e-Reception) will automate and streamline the existing reception or entrance to the premises. It can fully or partially replace the usual reception processes such as checking in and identifying visitors, maintaining attendance books, video linking with people inside the building, issuing entry cards or generating QR codes.

Central BMS control

Central BMS control

Entrust the building management of your retail units to a team of experts and save on operations. Central BMS (building management system – MAR) control uses remote control and monitoring of technologies from one central location by our team of professionals.

Security technologies

Security technologies

We can help protect your facilities and the assets entrusted to you. We provide comprehensive security solutions for projects and completed buildings – from needs and risk analysis to the design of technological solutions and turnkey implementation.

What our experts say

“With our technology, we can reduce costs, increase security and automate daily operations in office buildings. At the same time, we provide our customers with vital information about the behaviour and movement patterns of building visitors. This allows us to make informed decisions and take action to improve the overall performance of our clients’ businesses.”

Kateřina Kulíšková | Business Development Coordinator

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