Our services

Automatic reception

The electronic receptionist (e-Reception) will automate and streamline the existing reception or entrance to the premises. It can fully or partially replace the usual reception processes such as checking in and identifying visitors, maintaining attendance books, video linking with people inside the building, issuing entry cards or generating QR codes.

Automatic gatehouse

Save on costs and ensure greater efficiency with automated site access control.

Security technologies

We can help protect your facilities and the assets entrusted to you. We provide comprehensive security solutions for projects and completed buildings - from needs and risk analysis to the design of technological solutions and turnkey implementation.

Central Protection Desk

Ensure your security with a central security desk service from which we remotely monitor and evaluate alarm signals 24/7. In the event of a risk or security incident, we dispatch our experienced response units.

Remote monitoring

Protect your business with cutting-edge technology. We provide you with cost-effective, 24/7 remote monitoring.

Security of sites and buildings

Ensure reliable protection of your company's assets with intelligent remote perimeter security with continuous monitoring of the entire facility, including the building shell.

Construction site security

Secure your site using CCTV systems with advanced analytics.

Securing public spaces

Protect municipal assets with cost-effective, 24/7 remote monitoring.

Security of goods

Secure your goods and protect yourself from internal and external crime with an intelligent camera system with real-time analysis and connection to POS systems.

Monitoring of security rules

Leave safety compliance monitoring to smart technology and prevent risks without burdening human resources.

Data on attendance and movement of people

Get clear, accurate and clearly processed demographic data about your store visitors with detailed analysis.

Digitisation of audit activities

Simplify compliance with automated oversight of standards, audits and standardization across your entire showroom network.