Keep your stores running smoothly and safely, optimize operational costs, reduce crime rates and gain unique insights into your business by collecting and evaluating complex data.

40 %

typical annual cost savings


average safety risks captured per day

30 +

years of experience in the market

you can rely on

Data on attendance and movement of people

Data on attendance and movement of people

Get clear, accurate and clearly processed demographic data about your store visitors with detailed analysis.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

Protect your business with cutting-edge technology. We provide you with cost-effective, 24/7 remote monitoring.

Security of goods

Security of goods

Secure your goods and protect yourself from internal and external crime with an intelligent camera system with real-time analysis and connection to POS systems.

What our experts say

“Advanced security technology with remote monitoring and high-performance analytics software for evaluating camera footage gives our retail customers peace of mind. We can quickly identify potential threats, respond to them in real time, and integrate our technology with other customer systems.”

Kateřina Kulíšková | Business Development Coordinator

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