Shopping centers

Ensure the smooth and safe operation of your shopping center, optimize operational costs and gain unique insight into your business by collecting and evaluating comprehensive data.

27 km²

of commercial area covered by our technology


remote monitoring

30 +

years of experience in the market

you can rely on

Data on attendance and movement of people

Data on attendance and movement of people

Get clear, accurate and clearly processed demographic data about your store visitors with detailed analysis.

Security of sites and buildings

Security of sites and buildings

Ensure reliable protection of your company’s assets with intelligent remote perimeter security with continuous monitoring of the entire facility, including the building shell.

Energy efficient buildings

Energy efficient buildings

Optimize energy flow and consumption with Flowbox, an intelligent, autonomous software platform that helps you reduce operating costs and your carbon footprint.

What our experts say

“Using advanced security technologies, including remote monitoring and CCTV analytics software add-ons, will not only give you peace of mind with reliable protection, but also highly accurate analytical data on customer behaviour that can be worth its weight in gold.”

Kateřina Kulíšková | Business Development Coordinator

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